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Converts an array to a JSON string and sets it as cookie content.
e.g. An array like array ('a'⇒1, 'b'⇒2, 'c'⇒3) is written als content string {“a”:1,“b”:2,“c”:3}.
Optional a cookie lifespan can be set when the cookie is written as it is done in SetValidity().

Important! As a cookie is part of the HTTP header, the writing of a cookie has to be done before the first output is sent to the browser (even blanks etc.).

void WriteJsonContent ( $JsonArray, [$Days = NULL, [$Hours = NULL, [$Minutes = NULL, [$Seconds = NULL]]]] )


  • $JsonArray Array
    Array that's data should be written as JSON content in the user's storage.
  • $Days Int (optional)
    Validity of the cookie in days.
  • $Hours Int (optional)
    Validity of the cookie in hours.
  • $Minutes Int (optional)
    Validity of the cookie in minutes
  • $Seconds Int (optional)
    Validity of the cookie in seconds


  • CookieHandlerException:EC_WRITEERROR (103)
    The cookie couldn't be written
  • CookieHandlerException:EC_INVALIDNUMBER (102)
    One of the validity parameters is no valid number


$Cookie = new CookieHandler ("Testcookie");
$UserArray = array (
   "name" => "Mr. Smith",
   "age" => 20
   $Cookie->WriteJsonContent ($UserArray);
catch (CookieHandlerException $e)
   // [...]
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