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Language: PHP

CookieHandler is a simple helper class for easier access to PHP's cookie functionality.
The class provides easy to use write and read methods, helps with calculations of cookie-lifetime and generates processible outputs/results.

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Language: PHP

DatabaseConnector is a handy PHP wrapper class to allow easy access to database connections to different database types without changing of usage, queries etc..
The class uses the PHP PDO functionality and is able to connect to each database type, that's driver is installed/activated in the PHP configuration and also to use transactions and prepared statements.

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Language: PHP

RESTWebservice is a very lean implementation of a PHP webservice without installation. Just copy the files of this library into any directory, to enable a powerful webservice endpoint.

RESTWebservice not only supports the common kind of request verbs (GET, POST etc.) but also every other user defined verb you want to use. With nearly no effort you can turn the webservice in a collection of several webservice applications in one base endpoint.

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