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CookieHandler class

Main class with all available cookie functionalities.


__construct() Instantiates a new instance of CookieHandler class.




DeleteCookie() Removes a cookie at the end of the session.
GetDomain() Returns the domain set for the current cookie.
GetName() Returns the name set for the current cookie.
GetPath() Returns the path set for the current cookie.
GetValidity() Returns the validity/lifespan set for the current cookie.
ReadJsonContent() Returns JSON content of the cookie as array.
ReadObjectContent() Returns the serialized content of the cookie as PHP object.
ReadTextContent() Returns the text content of the current cookie.
SetDomain() Sets the domain valid for the cookie.
SetName() Sets the name of the cookie.
SetPath() Sets the path valid for the cookie.
SetValidity() Sets the validity/lifespan for the current cookie.
WriteJsonContent() Writes an array as JSON content of the cookie.
WriteObjectContent() Writes a PHP object as storable content of the cookie.
WriteTextContent() Writes text as content of the cookie.
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